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At Wilmington Lady Fitness we are the authority on womens’ fitness and professional personal training. We have over twelve years of experience in fitness for women. And now we have a dedicated 1500 sq ft. personal training studio.
What We Can Do For You Really Depends On Your Goal…

Weight Loss

We find solutions to slow metabolisms and stubborn weight loss. Most people go about weight loss totally backwards and end up frustrated. We have developed scientifically proven workouts and also provide nutritional counseling. You really CAN shape up fast, you just need to do the right things!


We motivate and challenge our clients that have been struggling with inconsistent workouts. You will make very little progress without regular workouts. Many of our clients need the structure and accountability of a personal training session to be successful.


We work with every fitness level and ability, from the first time beginner to the seasoned athlete and weekend warrior. Everybody needs a clear plan that will help them confidently reach their goal. Your body and an automobile are alike in a way… With your car, you know all of the basic operations and how to use it every day. But when it comes to fixing it, you hire someone that specializes in repairs. Your body is no different! We turn failing workouts into goal-reaching programs with a clear cut design.

Special Conditions

We work with special medical conditions, perform stretching programs, muscular-skeletal rehabilitation and correct postural misalignments. Many people are successfully using exercise as a form of alternative medicine for pain management. The most common conditions are degenerative disc of the spine, shoulder and rotator cuff syndrome and cartilage degeneration of the hip and knee joints.

Personal Trainer Consultation

Right now we are offering you a FREE 30 minute consultation to show you how we can help you get the results you want. Speak with us first! Sign up for your consultation appointment here on this page and we will contact you in the next 24 hours!

You can discover…

  • Why spending too much time in the gym can be counterproductive (Many people believe more time equals more results. This is DEAD wrong.)
  • Why simple changes to your workouts may be the solution to your METABOLISM, burning more fat and toning up!
  • Why some exercises are virtually ineffective for weight loss, while others can single handedly transform your body, AND how the exercises you are doing now are getting less and less effective. The most popular exercise in fitness may be working against you.
  • What changes in your diet can have a BIG impact, not only to your health but also your waistline.

Having us as your coach will increase accountability, consistency and RESULTS. Take a moment to fill out the request form for your FREE 30 minute personal training consultation.

It’s INSANITY to keep the same routines, using the same boring equipment and still see little results for your effort by working on your own. The only way to make changes in your body and health is to change the way you do things now.

Give Us A Chance. We Would Love To Earn Your Business By Getting You Results. It’s What We Do! Fill Out The Request For Your FREE 30 Minute Personal Training Consultation So You Can Begin Making Changes To Your Health And Body. You Have No Obligation!