Pain/Injury Management


Our bodies are designed to move in many different ranges of motions efficiently. Often times, due to trauma, repetive motion and/or repetive NON-motion, the soft tissues of the body may actual pull our skeletal structure out or balance. When this happens the efficiency of one or in most cases multiple joints of the body, leads to additional trauma and further imbalances in the postural structure.

Signs of Postural Imbalances

In many cases many cases postural imbalances are commonly experienced as pain in or around the joints. Tight, sore muscles and sharp shooting pains which are typically the result of over stressed muscles and tendons that lead to a symptom called tendinitis. Tendinitis is brought about by the muscle being over worked. The joints consist of cartilage, bursae and meniscus (knees) that are irritated and become inflamed leading to symptoms such as bursitis, arthritis and joint degeneration. In the spine imbalances may cause ruptures and herniations of the disc, spondylosis and the acceleration of degenerative disc disease.

Solution to Postural Imbalances and Pain Management

There are many different components to improving or in many causes eliminating the symptoms of postural imbalances, such as chiropractic care, massage therapy, medication, nutrition and rehabilating corrective exercises.

Corrective exercise is almost always required which may include stretching, strengthening, relaxation and education. Balanced regimens of specific exercises that are specific to each individual are needed, based on their body posture and severity of the imbalances.

4 Steps to Pain Free

We have a 4 Step Process when we assist clientele that includes an initial assessment, corrective exercise menu design, training and implementation and a follow up assessment. In many cases pain relief is felt within the first session!


If you are experiencing pain from an injury or chronic diseases such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease or fibramailaga please contact us for a free 30 minute personal training consultation. We will discuss your condition and review all your available options.

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