Fundraiser Groups

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Silent Auction Gift Memberships

We are always proud to give away several monthly memberships or a 3 month membership to your silent auction or raffle.

10 for $10

This is a great youth group and scholastic fundraising opportunity. Traditionally, our children are raising funds by selling candy, cookies and donuts. Don’t get us wrong, we also like these things, but we want to put a healthier spin on the traditional fundraiser and increase profitability for your group.

How 10 for $10 Works
  1. Your group is given special 10 visit workout passes. Typically each participant will receive a dozen passes.
  2. The participant will sell each pass for $10. Tracking sheets are kept for purchaser contact information.
  3. Your group keeps 100% of proceeds and we get new people coming in our doors. It’s a WIN-WIN for both parties.

Example: 10 participates sell 12 passes at the profit of $10 = $1200

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