Diet and Nutrition

Losing weight and becoming healthier doesn’t have to be hard. You should not feel as if you are letting go of the things you like or should you be suffer through food restrictions. The basic principles that help us lose weight can be applied to include any foods. We have a training staff that can teach you these basic weight loss principles and help you establish a pathway to success.

Weight Loss Coaching

Weather you have 20 pounds or 200 pounds to lose or coaching can be an instrumental part of healthy weight loss. Our coaching programs establish short and long term goals, focus on successful behavior changes and create a supportive relationship between our trainer and clients. Coaching sessions may be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly and are 60 minutes in duration.

6 Week Quick Start Weight Loss Program

  • Over 9 Hours in Personal Training & Coaching!
  • Lose weight every week, the healthy way!
  • Nutrition, workouts and support the entire six weeks.
  • Available for non-members too!


Do you need help and motivation with starting to lose weight?

Do you find it hard to stay focused on your diet and exercise program?

Are you confused about carbs, protein and calories? Do you wonder about gluten free, vegetarianism and other dietary variables?


Wilmington Lady Fitness presents…

6 Week Quick Start Weight Loss Program

·         Weekly seminars with hand outs on topics such as nutrition, eating out, sleep etc.

·         6 Week Personalized Workout Plan.. including weight training, cardio..Everything done for you!

·         (6) One hour One-on-One training sessions. One per week

·         One 30 minute coaching session per week

·         UNLIMITED CONTACT VIA TEXT/EMAIL with me, yours truly

·         Support/empowerment from myself and others in the program!


Entire 6 weeks training program for a new client special rate


(Over $400 value in training alone!)


Contact Kayla Palm

Cell Phone: 612-750-7886


Club Phone: 910-392-3339


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