Kelli. Thank you so much for encouraging me while you push us to go further. You are a wonderful fitness coach!!

Not only has the facility been a great benefit for me, but Pandora has gone above and beyond helping me and others in our class. Wilmington Lady Fitness is the perfect place for me to be physically fit in my golden years.

I can’t say enough about how Brian has helped me! My family has seen a difference in the way I move, hold myself etc. Thank you Brian for taking the time with me to work out my routine! Love our chats while I ride the bike.

The staff at Wilmington Lady Fitness has always been helpful and gracious to me. If I need help or advice, they do not hesitate to be of assistance to me.

The wellness coaching (with Pandora) has proven to be one of the most beneficial aspects of my weight loss, correcting many of the misconceptions I had about nutrition and health. While I’ve tried many diets in the past, this is the first time I’ve been able to maintain a healthy and mindful eating routine, and truly commit to a manageable and sustainable lifestyle change.

“LIFE CHANGING”… The phrase life changing is generally overused but I cannot find any other words to describe the impact Wilmington Lady Fitness has had on my life. THANK YOU ALL!