Classes Overview

Wilmington Lady Fitness members enjoy the camaraderie of working out in the numerous group exercise classes we offer each week. Many of our clientele prefer the accountability of having a structured workout routine and the motivation of the instructor and other members. We offer a variety of class styles that will compliment almost any fitness goal.

Spin Bike

Spinning is a great calorie burning and aerobic conditioning workout that uses a specialized bike that resembles an outdoor road bike. The instructor leads the class on a series intervals that mimic sloping hills, steep climbs and fast straight aways that give the same workout that an actual cyclist would experience.

Body Blast

This workout will strengthen all the muscles of your upper body, lower body and core. If you want muscle tone and sculpting it is mandatory that you use resistance. This workout combines barbells, dumbbells, bands, balls and more to give you a head to toe workout.


Now more than ever we need to strengthen our core and improve our posture. Pilates uses exercises that strengthen the muscles surrounding the center of your body like the hips, lower back, glutes and abdominals while focusing on controlled breathing and postural alignment.


Yoga is popular with all fitness levels because it relieves muscle tension and oxygenates the body with full body stretching and “yoga poses”. During the day our body tightens up due to inactivity from sitting and standing postures. In addition, the movement patterns we use everyday are typically the same. Yoga reminds the body of the variety of ways it is capable of moving.

Golden Girls

We offer low impact classes that are really great for everyone, but are primary enjoyed by those members over 50 years of age. Golden Girls uses aerobic dance, resistance training and stretching that will keep the body feeling young as we get older.


If you want to spice up your aerobic exercise program and have FUN burning tons of calories, then you’ve got to try Zumba. Zumba uses dance genres such as Salsa, Merenge and a little bit of Hip Hop. There’s not a more fun way to get in shape. We offer quarterly Zumba Workshops to help those new to dance or you can just jump right in.

Kickbox Conditioning

If you are not into traditional aerobics and want to have an exciting and challenging workout that burns tons of calories and strengthens the entire body, kickboxing is for you. The instructor uses traditional boxing and taekwondo kicking drills on a specialized training bag for a total body workout. In addition, kickboxers wouldn’t be so fit without some muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise infused into their workout, so we added some specialized conditioning work for shaping your upper and lower body.

Cardio Interval Training

This class fixes short periods of higher intensity with periods of recovery using a mix of aerobic exercise drills. Interval training breaks the monotony of traditional steady state moderate cardio exercise and accelerates your results.

Fitness Mix

Many of our clients only have an hour for their workout routine as well as a limited number of days to train. This class uses 4-6 minute blocks of cardio intervals, resistance training and core work for a complete fitness training workout.

Cardio Core

Fluid low-impact cardio based workout using core exercises with bands, stability balls and bar.