Child Care


It’s so important for moms to have some time to themselves. We offer supervised childcare while you workout in a bright, fun, spacious and friendly area. You can work out in confidently knowing that your child is only a few feet away playing. We have a one way window you walk by to check in on occasion without disrupting his or her play time. Our daughter loves it and is there almost every day!

Childcare Hours

Day Morning Evening
Monday 8:15-11:45am 4:15-7:45pm
Tuesday 8:15-11:45am 4:15-7:45pm
Wednesday 8:15-11:45am 4:15-7:45pm
Thursday 8:15-11:45am 4:15-7:45pm
Friday 8:15-11:45am
Saturday 8:15-11:45am

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