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January’s Total Body Workout

This month’s workout is a mix of superset strength training and Tabata cardio drills. Our trainers Kelli Ford and Angie Oakley are available for personal training. We offer a 2-one hour Quickstart package that they can use this workout or another of your choice to help you get started. Call us or use the personal training consultation web form on this site.



November/October Total Body Workout Circuit

Due to camera software updates and google+ account changes we have been unable to download our monthly video posts. This video was made in October but will also act has November’s workout. Enjoy!

PS. Don’t forget to ask for a workout log sheet and help with the exercises.


Metabolic Resistance Training Circuits for ALL Fitness Levels

In this video we demonstrate a four exercise resistance training circuit and discuss various regressions that those new to working out may use.

Give the circuit a try.

Complete 2-3 sets of the circuit.

Special Note: Make sure to give each exercise your all out best (Maximum load/resistance and maximum repetitions to fatigue)


If you would like to discuss your fitness program, contact us for a Free Personal Training Consultation.

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April’s Total Body Workout

This month I demonstrate a five exercise circuit using kettlebells, elastic bands and your own bodyweight. As an added bonus you can finish your workout with a Tabata Circuit Drill.

Have fun. If you would like to discuss your fitness program, fill out the request on this page for a free personal training consultation.