Fix Your Posture and Get Better Results

Origin of Postural Problems

Rounded shoulders? Neck and middle back aches? Knee, shin, foot and hip injuries?

Most, if not all, of these conditions are related to poor posture and muscle-skeletal imbalances. Posture related injuries and body pain tend to start with one or a combination of conditions that result in tight muscles and inflammation.

1. Repetitive Motion – causes the shortening or strengthen of the muscles that are highly involved in a particular activity, leaving the bones of the joints to be pulled out of alignment.

2. Repetitive Non-Motion – causes the shortening or weakening of the muscles that are constantly not activated due to low usage.

3. Previous Injuries – injuries that cause a deformity in the muscle, ligaments or bones affects the physical structure of the joint area or leads to muscle and gait compensations.

All three of the above conditions lead to changes in how we move and conduct our daily activities. Due to the repetitive nature of our lifestyles we find muscles that are too weak, some that are too strong (also tight) and compensatory movement patterns that eventually limit the mobility of our bodies.

Our body has lost the ability to activate its own muscles.

Try this now.

Sit, round forward in a “slumping” position. Now, pull in your stomach.

Next, sit upright with your shoulders pulled back and chest out (good posture). Now pull your stomach in. It should be easier and flatter, making your waist smaller!

What you have just discovered is that your back muscles and your upper body posture affects your belly and core muscle of the waist. Abdominal crunching will never flatten your stomach  because this exercise pulls the body into forward flexion that further exacerbates the postural condition.

Your legs, butt and arms are all affected by poor posture. In many people, their posture has hindered the contraction of these muscle areas for so long that the muscles have weakened and atrophied. Until the posture is improved these muscles will not activate.

 If you are struggling with toning, strengthening and flattening specific areas of your body you first must assess your posture and correct  any muscle imbalances to properly activate these areas.

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