Exercise: You’re Weapon That Burns Fat and Sculpts Your Body

How Exercise Works to Burn Fat

First of all, exercise is the only way to burn any significant amount of body fat. Very little body fat is burned as a result of dietary changes. Exercise is about requiring your body to use more energy.

Calories are energy. Calories used for energy mainly come from sugar (carbohydrates) and fat. Actually, fat is the preferred energy source of the body. Even at rest our bodies are primarily using fat as energy. Unfortunately, just not enough compared to our energy intake through food. This is why we need to ramp up our daily calorie burn with a workout. We can only drop our calorie level through our diet by a small calorie deficit which eventually will slow our metabolisms (your body’s natural calorie using processes). Think of a bear hibernating, their body shuts down when they don’t eat for long periods of time to conserve energy. Don’t get me wrong, most people’s diets are so messed up that they limit their results no matter how much exercise they do. I’m saying exercise alone is the only way for you to accelerate your body’s fat burning potential. Most diets drop weight from water, muscle glycogen and sodium deprivation.

Why Most People See Little Results from Their Exercise

Exercise can’t be done any old way if you want to experience life changing, big time results in a short period of time. Don’t believe anyone (including your doctor) that tells you needs to walk to lose weight. You will have to spend hours a day and be willing to wait a long time to see results from meandering around the block of your neighborhood every night.

There are three secrets to burning fat and losing weight that everyone must know.

For a successful body makeover you must…

  • Burn tons of calories
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Reduce the negative effects of high the stress hormone cortisol

Low intensity, boring hours of treadmill walking will never produce these three vital components. Thus will never change your body significantly. You need exercises done in a way that stimulants your body to burn calories when you’re not exercising. Does it make sense to exercise for hours and hours to burn enough calories to lose a pound of fat? A pound of fat is equal 3500 calories! That’s roughly 10 hours of walking at 4 mph’s. And don’t turn yourself into Ms. Cardio Queen with hours of cardio everyday because this is the fastest way to slow your metabolism down. Too much cardiovascular exercise will severely deplete your muscles and increase the release of cortisol, a hormone that promotes fat storage and muscle wasting. When done, cardio should never be performed at more than 60 minutes. And most of the time much less can accomplish your goal.

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